My Custom Coffee Tumbler – Summer 2014

Shiro at the Beach Grande

Just in time for the heat I have finished my custom coffee tumbler insert for summer 2014. It is based on a beach that I visited in Kyoto on my first visit to Japan. It was this beach that first inspired my to create my “Shiro and Tako” design that I have used on occasion on T-shirts and cup liners. The first day I camped on the beach I found a medium sized octopus swimming in the shallows and had a nice time watching it from a safe distance. The next day was the jellyfish invasion for that summer, so swimming was slightly less enjoyable.

I hope you enjoy this years design.

I have cup liners available for tall and grande sized Starbucks customizable cups (and likely those sold by other companies too). The PDFs are A4 and not letter, but for those of you that use letter sized paper they should print without issue. You can download them below:

Grande (Tabbed) | Grande | Tall

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