My Site is Back

At somewhat long last my site is back. I had some issues with my previous provider and dropped them so my site went down. Luckily I had some backups to pull most of my site back online and this time it is back in fully beautiful HTTPS. I have also moved it to a private virtual server I control that is hosted in Canada. Not only do I have full control over my site and server the site is entirely Canada-based.

I have never really been very impressed with most shared hosting services but the price was generally right so I used them. Luckily, being tech savvy and living in a day and age of cloud server hosting at reasonable prices I found a solution that worked for me.

In line with my usual style I spun up a server, configured WordPress and secured it with HTTPS all from a console app on my iPhone. I think I will post a full tutorial for the process I used to get my site up for anyone who is interested. Look for it coming soon!

Anyway, back to tea time and then back to work on a rainy Friday.


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