Some thoughts on a quiet day

Sitting here reading a book on a snowy holiday in Tokyo, I look around and realize that the world is such a small place. Moving between countries as easily as people used to go from town to town, talking simultaneously to people on 3 continents, sharing a piece of news with my family at home while hearing it halfway around the world, it all shows me how amazing the world has become. There are many problems, likely more problems than solutions, but there is still hope. It is that hope that I stick to and I am sure many others do as well. The changes I have seen in my yet short life do not seem to be for the worst as the daily news tends to portray, but generally for the better. Knowing that there is risk and often pain to change does not mean that it should not happen and that we should not continue to grow and learn. This seems true for both our personal and public spheres. To quote a phrase that will date me a bit, “Don’t believe the hype!” Live in hope, bring hope to others, and not only accept but revel in our differences. It is diversity in all of its forms that makes the world interesting, and it is from diversity that the world will find its strength in the future. Back to that tea and a book on a snowy Tokyo morning.

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