Rainy Morning in Tokyo

Waking to the sound of hard rain outside the window is always strangely comforting to me, just as it was this morning. I woke up quiet early and just listened to the rain while I drifted in and out of sleep. Strangely enough, It is always especially easy to appreciate the rain from a warm comfy bed when you do not have the prospect of a day of work ahead. I just enjoyed the feeling for a while longer.

Later, walking back from the station, the rain really started up. Shifting from a steady rain to a sudden torrential downpour, it could have really made my walk home uncomfortable had I not been ready. In my water-proof jacket and hiking boots there was just one more thing needed to make the walk perfect. Donning my headphones and turning on the music, I threw up my hood and marched out into the rain to “Baila Me” by the Gypsy Kings. The surrealness of the flood waters and warm sunny music intermingling in the cool early dawn carried me through the rain, almost allowing me to transcend the achilles heal of my rain gear, the water soaking through my pants and running down my legs into my waterproof boots. Even this could not spoil the moment. I walked boldly into the monsoon.

Stopping at 7Eleven on the way home, squick, squicking on the tile floors, buying a dumpling and some grapefruit juice, dripping from every surface, I could not help but feel that all was right with the world. Feeling sorry for the 7Eleven staff mopping the floors I went home. Getting back to the apartment, I threw my sodden pants in the dryer, took a hot shower, put on my house clothes and ate my breakfast in contentment. Ah, life.

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