Bike Fashion

Yesterday evening I did one of my favourite activities; I went out for a road ride. My brother and I had a really nice ride along the seaside and enjoyed the beautiful late September weather. My brother recently took up road riding and has really taken to it, he even wears bike gear now. I can understand his initial resistance to wear Lycra; how many guys feel comfortable putting on Lycra and hitting the streets? But like any other activity it is better to wear what is comfortable and works, and on a ride of any length nothing really beats proper bike clothes. Having worn pretty much every combination of clothing on mountain and road rides in pretty much every type of weather I have to say that nothing can really beat the old tight shorts and jersey. It just makes more sense to wear the right clothes for the right sport. Think jeans, Vans and a hoodie on a competitive Olympic swimmer or a guy wearing a Speedo in a skate-park riding a rail and you might see my point. Clothing should be situation appropriate, and fashion sense is relative to the activity or situation (so-called “fashion sense” is by it’s nature really subjective in the first place)

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