Quiet Sunday

Here I am at Starbucks reading a book and relaxing again. When you don’t have any real plans, it is raining out and you don’t have any friends, why not settle into a comfy chair, put your feet up in front of a fire and enjoy reading a book. I know that chances for these free moments in life are to be valued, and I do try to enjoy them. Surrounded by like-minded, anonymous face-less strangers it is oddly comfortable. It is not the same as having people I care about close, but there is a certain simple happiness in sharing anonymity with others. I guess that we really are social creatures. It is hard to imagine another social ape sitting around surrounded by other unrelated apes and feeling at peace.

Around me, people smiling, laughing, reading, drinking, sleeping, eating, thinking and crying. It is interesting to see so many different lives inter-lapping in a small cafe. People who think that cities are cold, soul-less places should just take a look around and see the amazing orchestrated complexity that is urban life.

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