About Me

me-in-sepia-640-squareWho am I? It is a hard question to answer but there are a few things that are generally known about me. I am from Canada and I have lived there for the majority of my life but I have spent long stints in Japan. I speak English and Japanese, and have varying levels of skills in some other languages. I really enjoy photography and, although I tend to go through more and less prolific periods, I have stuck with it. I like to ride road and mountain bikes. My time in Japan has caused me to lean more toward road bikes in recent years. As for my professional life I work in IT and have a long and extensive experience with many forms of technology, although I am usually in it more for the learning and challenge. Contrary to the image of IT pro’s, I do not spend any time aimlessly wandering the Internet and I am very adept at getting what I want from the web with a minimal use of my personal time or effort. Instead, I tend to spend time with people close to me, read books and watch movies when I am free. I do like trying new things and have no real fear of making new unavoidable mistakes as I see them as a learning experience. This helps me feel comfortable with pretty much any culture or language situation. I enjoy travel and have been to quite a few places but, like most people, I don’t get to do it enough. The most important thing to know about me is that I just like to enjoy life and look to the future.

Professional Experience

I am an IT professional with experience in many fields, most recently with project supervision and high-level support. I am comfortable with both Windows and OS X systems, both consumer and enterprise, and have used a wide range of software solutions. I have had a very broad base of experience and have working as a contractor and a salaried employee, worked as a web and graphic designer as well as done a reasonable amount of video and photographic work as opportunities presented themselves. I am never afraid to try new things in the IT and media spheres, and I am always looking for new challenges in these areas in both my professional and private time. Being fluent in both English and Japanese I have found many good opportunities in Japan over the years and plan to further develop my career there.

About This Site

Just as a side note, I am happy to mention that this site is the most recent in a string of personal sites I have run. Having been online and designing my own .com sites since 1999 I have seen many changes in the way things are done and have changed my style many times. As the current incarnation of my site is more focussed on the amalgamation of various information sources I have chosen to use a WordPress implementation instead of creating my own site from scratch. It allows me to add and change content from anywhere and on any platform, and I would highly recommend it for others like myself who enjoy the mobile life.